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Keep your photos organized in 2015

If you’re like most people, you’re probably making resolutions for the new year – and there’s a good chance those resolutions include the word “organize”. Here is a simple three step method to keep your digital photos organized using Sifterr!


Pick your tags.
Think about who or what you take lots of pictures of – “food”, “outdoors”, “cats”, or “Erik”, for example. What do you wish you could find more easily? Select a handful of labels that you think will be most useful for YOUR photos.


Sift your photos.
Throughout the month of January, sift your existing photos for each of your tags. Resolve to replace all the time you’d normally waste on your phone – on social media or games – with sifting time. In two minutes you can easily sift 100 photos, and soon you’ll have your entire existing collection organized.


Keep your photos sifted.
Now it’s only a matter of maintenance. Each week, spend just a few minutes sifting any new photos you’ve taken. Now you can easily find the photos you’re looking for!

Starting in 2015, your photo collection will always be organized, and you’ll find yourself using your photos more often. Maybe you’ll even use Sifterr to help you share photos with friends!

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