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Sift an album with Sifterr

How to Sift An AlbumJust got back from vacation and need to clean up your bad photos, or decide which ones to share? Sift through your “vacation” album! With Sifterr 2.0, you can sift through an album instead of sifting through your entire photo library.

There are lots of ways to create the album you want to sift through.

If the photos all fall within a certain time range, you can use the Photos app’s “Select” feature to select entire ranges of photos, or entire moments, and add them to an album.

If the photos you want to sift through are scattered throughout your library, you might use Sifterr to create the album.

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Making Sense of Apple’s Photo Syncing Ecosystem

As photos have grown in importance on mobile devices, Apple has introduced a variety of different ways to keep photo libraries synced across multiple devices. With so many options, it’s often difficult to know which makes the most sense for you. Here we give some of the major pros and cons of each of the three primary methods of syncing libraries across devices – iCloud Photo Library (the most recent addition), My Photo Stream, and syncing from iTunes. Tap a cell in the table to learn more about a particular feature of each syncing method.

Holiday presents under a tree

Keep your photos organized in 2015

If you’re like most people, you’re probably making resolutions for the new year – and there’s a good chance those resolutions include the word “organize”. Here is a simple three step method to keep your digital photos organized using Sifterr!


Pick your tags.
Think about who or what you take lots of pictures of – “food”, “outdoors”, “cats”, or “Erik”, for example. What do you wish you could find more easily? Select a handful of labels that you think will be most useful for YOUR photos.


Sift your photos.
Throughout the month of January, sift your existing photos for each of your tags. Resolve to replace all the time you’d normally waste on your phone – on social media or games – with sifting time. In two minutes you can easily sift 100 photos, and soon you’ll have your entire existing collection organized.


Keep your photos sifted.
Now it’s only a matter of maintenance. Each week, spend just a few minutes sifting any new photos you’ve taken. Now you can easily find the photos you’re looking for!

Starting in 2015, your photo collection will always be organized, and you’ll find yourself using your photos more often. Maybe you’ll even use Sifterr to help you share photos with friends!


Sharing Holiday Photos with Sifterr

Sifterr users already know how to bring order to their photo collections one swipe at a time. Because Sifterr stores your sifted photos as albums, you can do much more than just organize – for example, Sifterr can help share photos to Facebook!


When you share photos from the Facebook app, you’ll be shown a dialog allowing you to select which photos to share. Notice a drop down at the top of the screen – the default selection is “Camera Roll”.


Tap this drop down to see a list of all your Sifterr tags. Select a tag.


All photos with the selected tag are displayed. Select which tagged photos you’d like to share.


Facebook photo selection screen, with "Camera Roll" selected as photo source.


Switching to a different photo source in the Facebook photo selection screen.


Facebook photo selection screen, with several photos from a Sifterr tag selected.


Changing captions, description, and share target before posting photos to Facebook.After you’ve selected which photos to share, you’ll have the opportunity to add a description, captions, and change who you’d like to share with.

This is just one example of how you can use the tags you create in Sifterr. What other ways do you use your sifted photos?